What's happening?

Our lives, our world, our institutions - the beliefs and structures we have always relied upon - are undergoing unprecedented change.

In order to navigate our rapidly changing, increasingly challenging world well, connect to others with integrity, and genuinely enjoy our own lives…we must evolve.

We must become more of who we are.

So, how—exactly—do you evolve?

To begin, you develop your ability to create all the energy you need to meet challenges, make changes, resolve limitations, and genuinely enjoy your life. This not only supports you, but everyone around you, too.

The coaching and healing services and products offered exclusively by Kelly Grace Smith support you to meet challenges and make changes with empowerment, enjoyment, and fufillment.

Tangible, practical processes, practices, and tools come together with the extraordinary power of your own energy to provide you with insight, healing, and forward momentum…immediately.


Balance. You learn to balance all aspects of you – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – every day; this empowers you to enjoy your life more fully and to develop a rock-solid foundation of clarity, intimacy, and fulfillment.

Connection. You deepen your ability to create a clear and consistent connection to yourself, and to others. An authentic inner connection that cuts through the daily clutter of mind, money, media, marketing, and technology.

Wisdom. Wisdom is one of the most powerful tools you possess. However, it can only work for you if you choose it and use it!

Empowerment. There is no guide, no guru, no gadget -no process or program- more potent than practical, powerful solutions created by you, your relationship to God,* and the experiences of your own life.

The work of Kelly Grace Smith is the meeting ground of science and spirituality. It is coaching and healing work that supports you to create your life from what you value. It also powerfully supports you to meet challenges and make changes wisely and well.

It is a process of tangible, personal and spiritual evolution that is as powerful as it is practical.


Three reasons:

  1. It is created, generated, and sustained by the specific energy…of you.

  2. It connects you – deeply and genuinely – to yourself; it accesses the deep well of wisdom, creativity, and humanity that already exists within you.

  3. It works beyond the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual limitations you may be experiencing, but is also thoroughly grounded to your tangible, day-to-day life.

In other words, it is effective because it works “outside the box.” This makes it unique among all other coaching and healing work.

As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


“All of my work over the years has been about connection and communication. The diversity and depth of that work has provided me the opportunity to develop a keen ability to see “outside the box.” This ability, along with extensive training and experience, allows me to accurately discern the underlying patterns, paradigms, perceptions, and assumptions that can support – or impede – the success of an individual, organization, project, or business.” kelly grace smith

Kelly Grace Smith is a master in the fields of coaching, spiritual development, energy dynamics and healing, and transpersonal psychology. Working in partnership with each client – couples, families, or organizations – profound healing, permanent resolution, quantum growth, and tangible, life-changing results are achieved.


Einstein also said, “When the solution is simple, God is calling.”

Evolution is the call to become more of who you are; this serves you, your goals, your God*, and humanity.

Kelly Grace Smith can assist you with insight, intelligence, integrity, and the most innovative and effective coaching and spiritual development work you will ever experience.

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*God, Great Spirit, Universe, Krishna, Allah, Jesus, the Buddha; whomever or whatever “God” is for you.